Request a hazardous waste pick-up

Log into NSIS. From the NSIS Home page, select Hazardous Waste from the menu bar.

Select the Add New Waste Pickup Request link.

Select the type of hazardous waste you wish to include in your pickup request. You may add other types to this request later in the process. Click Next Screen.

The Chemical Disposal Information page appears. Select the correct Tab for your purpose.

Select the laboratory from your drop-down list.

Type in the more-specific location information.

Enter the number of containers to be picked up, the number to be replaced, and the type of container.

Add any additional description information, and when ready, click Save and Continue.

Your request has not yet been submitted. Delete it or Edit it until it has been submitted.

If needed, select the radioactive waste category button to Add New Item.

Complete all the necessary information and then click Save and Continue.

If needed add a Laboratory Equipment Disposal to your request. There may be some cleanup/prep-work required before disposal.

Select the location, provide a description (i.e., freezer, oven, incubator, etc.).

Answer all questions pertaining to the state of the equipment, and enter any special precautions pertaining to the safe removal of the equipment.

Certify that you have made every effort to make the equipment safe for removal and disposal, and click Next.

If your waste pickup request is complete, you must now click Proceed to Submission Page.

Here are all of your pending waste pickup requests. Those that do not have the Delete or Submit to ORS buttons available are waiting to be picked up. To submit your request, click the Submit to ORS button, and you are finished.