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The Northwestern University Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) will be transitioning to a new electronic system for registration review, and approval of research involving recombinant and synthetic nucleic acids research. The new system, named eIBC, is based on the same platform as eIACUC and eIRB+, allowing for better integration and easier management of your lab’s research in accordance with the NIH Guidelines.

The eIBC system seeks to resolve many of the complexity and shortcomings of the current LUMEN system. Beginning 4/18/22, invitations will begin going out to select labs to complete their eIBC registrations. This process is expected to take several years and no action is needed until you receive an invitation to eIBC. Labs that need to update or amend their IBC registration should contact IBC Staff at Once you are invited to eIBC, you can access the system at You must be connected to the Northwestern network or VPN to access eIBC.

Refer to the following guide to become familiar with the process.

eIBC Researcher's Guide

Research Safety will host Office Hours for eIBC to assist in completing your registrations.

  • Chicago campus office hours will be held every Monday from 10:30am-12pm in the Facilities conference room (345 E Superior St. FM1528). A member of the Research Safety IBC Team will be available to provide support, guidance, and answer questions and concerns you may have. Please plan to bring a personal laptop to work on your own eIBC Registration.  Please let the IBC Staff know you plan on attending by emailing us at
  • Evanston campus office hours will be held on Zoom every Monday from 9:00-11 am. Please send a request for a zoom meeting to


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this necessary?

Like IACUC and IRB, IBC registrations are required for Northwestern to operate its research enterprise. Research conducted without the appropriate institutional oversight can have serious ramifications for the entire Northwestern community. Additional information regarding the NIH Guidelines can be found here.

How do I know when to complete my eIBC registration?

You will receive an email notification when it is time for you to complete your eIBC registration. You will have 30 days after the receipt of that email to complete your registration. Depending on the nature of your research, it may need to be reviewed and approved at a convened IBC meeting.

What if I need to update my registration before receiving an invitation to eIBC?

If you need to update your registration before you have received an invitation to eIBC, please contact the IBC Staff at IBC Staff will have suggestions to help expedite the approval process for the amendment, especially if it requires review at a convened IBC meeting.

Do I need to recreate my entire registration in eIBC?

Yes. The new system is much more intuitive (and more familiar to anyone using eIACUC and eIRB+), but we recognize the burden this places on all of us. Our goal is to make registering biological research as painless as possible. We are receptive to all feedback.

I need help completing my eIBC registration; what do I do?

Please contact IBC Staff at with any questions or concerns you may have. IBC Staff will also host office hours throughout this process to assist in completing eIBC registrations and answer any questions that you may have. Please see the Research Safety website for times and locations of upcoming eIBC office hours.

I need to add or make changes to the hazardous agents in my IACUC Protocol; what do I need to do in eIBC?

If you are adding or making changes to the hazardous agents described in your IACUC Protocol, you will need to update your eIBC submission. Hazardous agents that must be described in your eIBC submission include viral vectors, recombinant and wild-type viruses, other recombinant or wild-type pathogens, and biological toxins. If you have not yet begun your eIBC registration, please contact IBC Staff at  to be invited into eIBC. If the additions or changes to hazardous agents in your IACUC protocol are considered Non-Exempt by the NIH Guidelines, your eIBC submission will need to be reviewed and approved at a convened IBC meeting before research begins.

I'm having trouble connecting to eIBC. What do I do?

You must be connected to the Northwestern network or use VPN to access the eIBC site.