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Laboratory Visitors and Volunteers

Before bringing any visitor, volunteer or intern into the University, review the Human Resources website.

If you will have minors in your laboratory, you must follow the Requirements for Programs detailed on the Youth on Campus website. For questions about these requirements, please contact Risk Management.

Supervisor Responsibilities

Supervisors of University laboratory visitors or volunteers must comply with the University’s Laboratory Safety and Chemical Hygiene Plan (see section 5.4.7. Visitors to Laboratories).

Supervisors of visitors and volunteers must ensure the individual completes the appropriate safety training as required by federal, state, and local regulations and University policies.

Laboratory visitors or volunteers must complete safety training when they work directly with hazardous materials, hazardous processes, or in hazardous environments without a University attendant or direct physical supervision.

How to Get Your Visitor or Volunteer Trained
  1. Visitors and volunteers must get an affiliate POI number to access myHR Learn. See Accessing myHR Learn for instructions to obtain proper credentials for your visitor or volunteer.
  2. If you use Lumen, add the volunteer or visitor to your laboratory. Lumen will assign training requirements when you select the job activities your visitor or volunteer will perform.
  3. Once your visitor/volunteer has the proper credentials (step 1) and you have added them to Lumen, they may log in to myHR Learn to access their assigned training.

If you do not use Lumen, see What Training Do I Need?