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In the Event of a Chemical Spill
  • For your safety, never work alone with hazardous chemicals or processes
  • Chemical spills are a simple fact of life in a research laboratory and Research Safety provides training and supplies to safely clean up small, manageable spills
  • All spills must be cleaned up immediately
  • Research Safety provides absorbent pads and cleaning supplies for everyday use
Small, easily controlled spills inside a laboratory fume hood usually do not pose an additional risk.
  • Clean up the spill then bag and label the contents for disposal by Research Safety, Hazardous Waste Services
If the spill involves hazardous materials outside of a laboratory fume hood
  • Alert others
  • Leave the lab
  • Close all doors
  • Call Research Safety immediately
If there is a chance of fire or dangerous reactivity from the spill ­
  • Evacuate the building and dial 911 from a safe location