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ChemTracker Resources

The ChemTracker module in Lumen provides a method for tracking and managing chemical inventory with connection to a centralized chemical database, complete with hazard and regulation data. To get started, check out the following resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What permissions do I have in ChemTracker?

As a default all lab members have permission to add, edit and remove chemicals as well as perform reconciliations. If you prefer to change permissions to “View Only” for certain members of your lab, contact Research Safety.

  • How do I add a location (space) that is not in my lab’s profile?

Contact Research Safety to add a new location to your lab profile.

  • What is a “linked” chemical?

A linked chemical is connected to the central ChemTracker safety and hazard database. Linked chemicals have hazard and regulatory information associated with them.

  • What is a reconciliation?

A reconciliation is a chemical inventory audit for a specific lab location. Research Safety recommends performing a reconciliation once or twice per year to ensure your inventory is up-to-date.

  • There are several date fields in the chemical inventory table. What’s the difference?

Date last changed: the date the chemical container was most recently edited

Date last confirmed: the date the chemical container was most recently reconciled

Submission date: the date the chemical container was put into the inventory

Date received: the date you received the chemical container from the vendor. This date is not automatically populated.

Expiration date: the date the chemical expires; enter this date for peroxide formers and other time-sensitive chemicals.